We are a planning office for enhanced mobility in urban areas.

We are developing networked ropeway systems as flexible, affordable and additional means of public transportation.

Our expertise is consulting, planning, conception, development and system integration for more individual public transportation and an extended cruising radius.

General State of Public Transportation

  • Public transportation reaches capacity limit
  • Irregular departure times
  • Long changing times and many stops
  • Bad air and crowded streets

Traffic lights, jams and
high emissions

Construction consumes lots of
city space, time and money

Convenient private transportation
through direct connections

Conventional Ropeway in urban areas

Not only if there's no space left on ground, urban ropeways are an attractive alternative or complement to e.g. buses, cars, trams or metros.

  • Complement existing traffic infrastructure
  • Very few emissions
  • High delivery rates by low expenses
  • Space-saving
  • Silent and save
  • Short construction phase
  • Approach at any time
  • Independent from traffic lights and jams
  • Unique riding experience
  • Many changeovers for several lines
  • Stops at every station
  • Not in line with demand
  • Stations need space and staff for multiple entry and exit zones

Urban Ropeway on Demand

Via individualized public transportation straight to destinations

  • No changing
  • No stops
  • In line with demand
  • One entry zone for every direction

About us

As a young, dedicated team we cooperate with partners of science, economy and politics to implement networked ropeway systems in urban areas. We work multidisciplinary and our expertise is consulting, planning, conception, development and system integration.


Fabian Weber


Conception, consulting and design


Mika Stamm

SW Programmer

Development and system integration


Harm Staack

Computer scientist

Development and process optimization


Thomas Schmeckpeper

Advisor for traffic and urban development

Communication and finances


Felix Pröbstl

Energy engineer

Hoisting and conveying engineering


Get in touch with us if you have interest, questions or feedback.
We'd be pleased to hear from you and are going to report back as soon as possible.

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